A Few Favorite Links

Below are a few links that I visit frequently.  Some are running related and others are more general or personal interest.  This list will evolve over time but here is a start.

  • Gillian and Don run a wonderful shop for the hard to find running supplies called ZombieRunner.
  • My brother shares my sense of humor – he shares many of his photos on his blog.
  • REI has great gear at reasonable prices.
  • I use an on-line running log available at RunningAhead.
  • Bryon Powell is a quiet hero of the ultra running world and is the owner of iRunFar.com which serves as the “go to” resource for our sport.
  • Stan maintains a good repository of information for running long on his website.
  • LEWIS, this guy was born to write and he is a pretty awesome guy!
  • Paige (a.k.a. my wife) has a Serious Case Of The Runs, and a much better blog than her husband : )
  • I wear a variety of training shoes but have fallen in love with a trail shoe from inov-8, which can be a little hard to find but they do carry them at ZombieRunner and that is where I get them.
  • My race nutrition consists of a single drink called Perpetuem by Hammer Nutrition.  I got this idea from Adrian who told me to “go liquid” and it works fantastically.
  • Tree and Stevie are living their dream and its inspiring.
  • I met Gretchen through Paige and thankful I am.

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