2013 Events

The theme for 2013 is going to be local, we are going to try to keep most of our racing within a relatively short drive for two reasons: the first is because we live in an awesome place that offers lots of variety and the second is to save a little money.

Disappointingly, I did not make it into either of the 100 mile lotteries I entered so the schedule is still taking shape.

February 16 – Moab Red Hot 55K (Completed: 6:25)

March 23 – Antelope Island Buffalo Run 50 Mile (Completed: 8:47)

June 1 – Pocatello 50 Mile (entered)

June 29-30 – Bike MS Utah: Harmon’s Best Dam Bike Ride 2013 (A little cross training)

July 27 – Speedgoat 50K (entered)


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