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A Flying Leap

Home Sweet Home: Utah

Home Sweet Home: Utah

What happens when you close your eyes and jump in the general direction of a dream?  We are about to find out.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved the mountains.  As a kid and now as an adult, nearly every vacation has been spent trying to eek out as much time as possible in the mountains – running and hiking their trails, camping in their forests, biking through their woods, exploring their peaks, skiing their slopes, driving scenic routes through them, and admiring their beauty from the safety of tough little mountain towns where people dress like mountain folks because they are.  Despite this love, I’ve lived in the midwest my whole life with a thousand miles separating me from the closest serious range.  When friends would question my choice to remain in the midwest, I always had an answer that sounded logical enough but deep in my heart, I questioned it myself.  When too much time would pass between adventures, I’d start getting the itch and it would continue to grow until I spent some time in the thin dry pine scented air, on the dusty trails, and on the vista filled peaks of the mountains.  After many conversations, Paige and I decided to cast aside reason and take a huge leap into the unknown.  We quit our jobs and with the help of Tate and Gunny, we loaded up our stuff and moved to Salt Lake City, UT!!  The plan?  Take the summer off and travel, run, visit some family/friends, take in the weddings of three great friends, relax and most importantly, enjoy each other’s company.

Everyone has been uber supportive, including the Salt Lake City crew.  Rob and Rina graciously offered us their home as a home base until we get settled.  So, with our stuff stored in their basement, we are on the road until mid-August with all sorts of fun plans to look forward to.  Come August, we will return to “the real world”, I will look for work and Paige will go back to school but until then we are living the nomadic lifestyle and if you don’t watch out, we may end up knocking on your door smelling of a combination of sweat and campfire!

Rather than trying to improve on the wheel, I’m gonna take the easy way out and piggy back off Paige’s recap of the first leg of our trip.

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