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31 Daily Adventures – Day Four

“It’s often said that knowledge is power. What have you learned recently?  For today’s adventure, learn something new.”

Good timing on this one, I grew up in Iowa which doesn’t get much attention most of the time but during an election year, like this one, it becomes the source of great attention.  Yesterday was the republican caucus, you’d think that 1) being a “responsible” adult and 2) someone who grew up in Iowa, I would know something about this process but I didn’t, so today, I decided to learn something about it.

First of all, I learned that the caucuses are oddly informal.  They are hosted in public places (churches, schools, libraries, …) and begin at 7 PM with a representative for each candidate talking about why voters should vote for their candidate.  Once that is complete, voters write their vote on a slip of paper and stuff it in a box.  Once all the votes are in, they are counted and reported.  There may be a little more to it than that but not much.  The democratic caucuses are a little more involved but more similar than different.  While I still know very little about the whole process, I know more than I did.

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