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31 Daily Adventures – Day Three

Chicago Pedway

Chicago Pedway

“For your daily adventure today, consider a different means of transportation to work, take a different (maybe more scenic) route and see what you discover.”

So, we normally walk to work and I generally zig zag my way to work walking with the lights as I hit them but I often end up on virtually the same route because the lights are timed so it just works out that way.  Today, we were running late so I went the fastest way possible to get to work, which happens to be my normal route.  But, on the way home, I took a different, more scenic, route.  Because it was the first really cold day of the year, I decided to try to figure out the “pedway” and, it was really fun!  I’d been through parts before but much of it was new.  The great thing is that on those days when it is pouring out or unbelievably cold or sweep you off your feet windy, I now have a route that will keep me out of the elements for nearly half my walk, pretty cool!  Not to mention, I saw a couple of lunch spots I need to try out too.

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