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Chicago Summers Are The Best

After four plus months of hibernation, Chicago is awake again!  Today was the first genuinely warm day we’ve had this season.  The temps went into the low 80’s and I loved every second of it!  We started the day with a bike ride; we cheered on the Shamrock Shufflers then we took a little ride around the lakefront.  With crystal clear skies, it felt amazing to be outside.  That, in and of itself, is reason enough to be thrilled but add to that what happens to the city of Chicago when the weather gets nice and you have more than enough reason to put a smile on the ol’ face!  Don’t get me wrong, the city almost always has good energy but when the weather turns nice, this city’s enthusiasm goes through the roof!  People are out and occupying every bench, sandy and grassy spot available.  The sidewalks are bustling with bikers, runners, walkers, roller-bladers, and people pushing strollers – its really quite wonderful.

We spent the afternoon finding excuses to be outside, starting with a run followed by a trip up to the North Ave. area.  With groceries bought and errands run, we headed home but enjoyed the trip with the windows down which allowed the sights and sounds of the city in.  I love this city, especially in the summer!

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