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Windburn Six In The Stix: 2011 Edition

Windburn Six 2011: Before The Race

Windburn Six 2011: Before The Race

Thank you to the CHUGs and especially to Brelly for offering such world class events – for free, no less!  Last Saturday was the the second edition of the Windburn race and it was quite different than last year.  The temperature this year was 28 degrees at the start versus the zero degrees we faced last year – the sun wasn’t shining but a definite improvement!  After some brief comments from Brian, around 50 of us headed out on our first 2.28 mile loop.  The snow was loose similar to last year but it felt like it may pack down over the course of the day unlike last year.  It took a couple of hours before it really felt good but once it did, we were able to move pretty well.  The format of the race was a self-supported timed event with the goal of running as far as you can in the six-hour time limit.  My hope was to run at least 25 miles at a bare minimum and the whisper goal of 30 miles.  We were moving okay through the first couple of laps and it was clear that we would meet my initial goal even if the footing didn’t improve.  As we started to spread out a bit, we could see who was having a good day from the get go and his name was Jimmy O.  Paige and I planned to stay together, as we often do : )  After two laps, we made a pitstop in the shelter where we had set up the “aid station” to grab some water.  Brian was there chatting it up and supporting runners as they passed through.  After a long bout of bronchitis, he was still taking some time to recover and opted not to run – it must have been hard for him to watch as we ran but he never let that get in the way of having a fun day.

Windburn Six 2011: Crossing The Bridge

Windburn Six 2011: Crossing The Bridge

We fell into a rhythm, plugging along and stopping every two laps.  I was using Ramen noodles for my nutrition plan – the warmth felt good and it was quite tasty too!  With two hours to go, I was starting to feel a bit worn out.  This was our furthest run by several hours and my body finally realized it.  Its a funny thing, when you set out to do a six mile run, that feels like enough.  When you set out to do a six hour run, that feels like enough.  The mind is an amazingly powerful thing.  It didn’t take long and I started to feel better and the final hour was perhaps our best of the day.  As others slowed (all except Jim), we were in a groove … literally, the snow was packed in a tiny grove around the edge of the path.  After our 12th loop, we were past our goal for the day and Paige decided she was done.  I decided to stretch out the legs and see how many more miles I could get before the cutoff.  I got a full loop and then two small loops (each a half mile) for a total of 30.6 miles.  As I came around the final loop, Paige had decided to do another small loop as well.  I was happy with the day and felt amazingly thankful that I am healthy enough to be able to pull off such a run on relatively minimal training.

We ended the day staying at the Brelly B&B and eating a delicious meal at Moretti’s!  It was such a fun weekend, it really got me excited for the upcoming running season!  Congrats to Jim and Jen for their respective wins, to Brian for another successful event, and to all the runners who came out for an awesome run!

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