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2011 Comes In On A High Note

Paige and I did our first run of the new year today and it was glorious!  We left the house around 11AM and when we got outside, we were surprised how nice it felt.  The temperature was only 20 degrees but the sun was out and that made a huge difference.  After the very warm past couple of days, all the snow and ice had melted leaving the path north open for business.  We were excited because the north route has been iced over for nearly a month, naturally, we decided to go north.  With our first race of the year coming up at the end of the month, we were looking to do a longer run and decided on 12 miles.  We felt great and the pace, while quick for us, felt very easy.  The entire run went well and we finished in great spirits – one can only hope this is a sign of things to come this year!

Speaking of this year, I am still completely undecided on my schedule for the year.  We are doing the Windburn Six In The Stix this month and next month, we will run the Moab Red Hot 50K+ but after that, the schedule is wide open… I need to get cracking on putting together a plan!

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  • I’m glad to hear that your first run of 2011 went so well. I hear ya on the race schedule. I need to get crackin’ too. Maybe we can share a race again this year.

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