Javelina Taper Funk

With Javelina Jundred just 48 hours away, I am deep into my taper and thus deep into the ‘taper funk’.  It happens every time but each time, it takes me off-guard.  First it feels great to have more time, sleep in, start to recover, and run when it feels good rather than because its “on the schedule.”  But soon, it turns to something else…funk.  And, I feel a little extra funky this time.  Of course, that makes sense – I did more training than I have ever done, raced more confidently than I have in the past, and now I’ve tapered more aggressively than I’m used to but what that has left me with is a more complete feeling of funk. I wake up in the morning with stiff legs.  I go for a 30 minute run and feel like its all I can handle.  My hamstrings are tight.  My ankles ache.  As I am reminded by Paige and Jim, all of this is how I know I am in the middle of the perfect taper.  This is always how it goes, the legs feel rough, the body feels thick, and the confidence wanes.  While I know they are right and I’ve told others the same thing on many occasions, I still have my doubts and insecurities which, I’m hoping, will encourage me to run a smart race.

If everything goes as it has in the past, the funk will pass and leave in its place, a fun weekend with friends in a warm sunny place doing what I love to do.  The race will have live updates at the following link for those who are interested in following along.  The weather forecast is for sunny skies with 80 for a high and 56 for a low with 20% humidity and just less than 11 hours of daylight.  Best of luck to all my fellow CHUGS, I’m looking forward to spending the weekend with you all!

3 thoughts on “Javelina Taper Funk”

  1. Looking forward to running out there with you. I agree that you’re going to rip it up. I have my own thoughts on your finish time, but I don’t want to jinx it. Have a great race and please, by all means, don’t loop me ;-).

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